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We are excited to announce that our thirtieth anniversary concert is just a short few days away! We will be featuring some 40+ alumni who will perform several songs both with and without the current members. We are stoked to welcome so many of our fantastic alumni back to the Hill for a weekend of jubilee and song.

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Spring 2014 Newbies

Thank you again to everyone who came out to audition this Spring! We are proud to announce the following singers have joined our ranks:

  • Matt Munsey ‘15 (Tenor)
  • Jacob Morgan ‘17 (Bass)
  • Teddy Billings ‘17 (Bass)
  • Aaron Gittelman ‘16 (Bass)

We’re super stoked to welcome a new generation of Notes!

Spring 2014 Callbacks List

After hearing a fantastic set of auditionees, we’re very pleased to call back the following people:

  • Claire Lender (Soprano)
  • Nereida Ramirez (Soprano)
  • Matt Munsey (Tenor)
  • David Frank (Tenor)
  • Aaron Gittelman (Tenor)
  • Jacob Morgan (Bass)
  • Teddy Billings (Bass)

Thank you to everyone who auditioned! For those listed above, we’ll see you on Saturday! All the information you need to know will be emailed to your Cmail address, so please keep a close eye on that over the next few days. Congratulations!

New Notes!

We are SO excited to welcome the following new Notes into the Class Notes family!

  • Melissa Romanovich ‘17 (Soprano)
  • Manuel Calderón Tamayo GRAD (Tenor)
  • Stef Wu ‘17 (Mezzo-Soprano)
  • Nishat Yasmin ‘16 (Mezzo-Soprano)

We can’t wait to start singing with you!

Callback List Fall 2013

A huge thank you goes out to everyone who auditioned for us. There was so much fantastic talent — paring down a list of such ability was incredibly difficult.

Congratulations to the following callbackees:


  • Anna Yesypenko
  • Emma Keteltas
  • Sammie Wilhelm
  • Leah Dewitt


  • Melissa Romanovich
  • Sarah Miller
  • Stef Wu
  • Michelle Fleurantin
  • Nishat Yamin
  • Anna Cone


  • Julie Kohn
  • Anita Alur


  • Manuel Calderon
  • Zachary Zimmerman
  • Grant Behnke
  • Arun Chakravorty


  • Garrett Heller


  • Conner Parkinson
  • Colton Harvey
  • Sebin Lee

If you have any questions (when to be where, etc.), or if your name is on this list but you did not receive an email today, please email Catherine Rieflin, at . We look forward to hearing you on Saturday!

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